“Kali is the epitome of a highly evolved teacher” -Sedona, Arizona

"I equate Kali's teachings to that of an angel that has been hand selected specifically for you, to guide you through your yogic journey with knowledge, grace, and acceptance. I didn't want the class to end and look forward to learning more of Kali's wisdom . She is a gift packaged in a petite human vessel." -Los Angeles, California

“Kali is a rare jewel. Her teachings are a balm for the soul.” -Manitou Springs, Colorado

“I took a workshop with Kali on Yin & Mindfulness Methods. I’ve been teaching yoga for 20 years and practicing for much longer. This is the best yin class I’ve ever attended” -Sedona

"You cannot miss an opportunity to train with Kali. She is an exceptional teacher. Yoga with Kali is transformative, inspiring and healing. She creates a safe, nurturing, encouraging environment for everyone from beginner to advanced. Kali is an insightful, intutitve, gentle and strong leader. Words are not enough to express how wonderful she is. She is a gift to the world. Do yourself a favor and study with her." -Colorado

“Kali is the definition of wisdom. I feel held in such an intuitive deep space. Her teachings are enlightening and expanding. I feel this knowledge will stay with me forever” -Sedona, Arizona

“Eloquent and concise, Kali speaks of ancient wisdom” -Sedona, Arizona

"Kali provides the keys to the kingdom linking body, mind and breathe with subtle nuances enriched with her deep understanding of the knowledge of Yin Yoga. From the way she utilizes her vocals to move you through a posture or her creative way of breaking down the meridian channels and elements I felt my thirst for the awareness and insight into the Yin practice quenched a new depth of understanding of my body as well as a deeper mindful expansion of boundless nature for practitioners." - Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Kali is an ancient gentle soul that balances authority with softness so well. Her wisdom offers so much, yet she is approachable and has answers to everything.” -Argentina

“I went to this training to find myself. I knew that I had the power within to live with a bigger more meaningful purpose but I carried emotions that were weighing me down like extensive grief and fear. I knew my light had become dim and I wanted to expand it. I had no previous extensive yoga training. I simply wanted to remember who I am. I went with the expectation that I would be the student who knew the least. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up physically with experienced traveling certified yoga teachers. I packed my bag and flew to Peru! I quickly realized that yoga isn't about a certification, a Manduka mat or certain leggings. Yoga is an innate science, a method of remembering the connection of your energy or light with all existence. I learned that Yoga was a way of life, an awareness that I had alive within. I found connection with all the trainees. Nobody judged me. It didn't matter that I lacked flexibility, balance and my poses were off. Instead, these yogis recognized the flexibility in me regarding the way I've lived my life and my strength in my internal power. I learned I was a yogi trying to remember and self realize. I began to heal myself. I remembered who I am and my connection with all beings.” - Peru

"This was a beautiful training. A holistic and powerful approach to the medicine and practice of yin. A safe, loving, and powerful group of woman whom made this week long training a transformative inward journey to better help others with their journey. Kali is a knowledgeable and incredible teacher! I feel the impact and understanding gained from this training i will carry with me for a life-time, through my personal practice and teaching of not just yin but other modalities as well!" - Cusco, Peru

“Kali is brilliant. Incredibly knowledgeable, articulate, elegant, sincere. I feel her passion, and it gives me wisdom. It is amazing to hear Kali speak, she has provided me with such direction and eagerness to dive deeper” -Manitou Springs, Colorado

“I learned that you can't release things unless you are aware of them and they come to the surface. With that comes pain but then liberation just like in yin yoga, you move into a pose and as you lengthen emotions arise and then they slowly begin to release. Yin yoga and the energy from the space created by Durga Excursions has enabled me to stretch beyond grief and fear. After every training I feel lighter” -Practitioner, Tulum

 “I have found my style and can’t wait to teach yin. I have Kali to thank for that” -Boulder, Colordo

 'I truly enjoyed every moment of Kali’s Yin training as it brought me to a new level of awareness in the body. This training has transformed my perspective on how Yin can heal the physical by unlocking the energy flow of the meridians pathways, while creating space for a deeper spiritual connection. A beautiful week of learning and discovery through Kali’s extensive range of knowledge and wisdom!' -Cusco, Peru

“Kali gives her whole heart to the service of others” -Joshua Tree, California

“I understand this to be my path and my dharma to continue on this journey of further education and of sharing these valuable healing techniques with the world. I found deep inspiration when working with Kali, it was an honor to be guided and study further under her exquisite instruction. I love the truly holistic approach Kali offers, combining her scientific knowledge with the esoteric and spiritual richness, something I feel extremely connected to personally. Jai ma!” -Los Angeles, California

Kali is everything one can wish for as in teacher" -Los Angeles, California

“You have guided me to see the light within me. There is no bigger gift than that. I'm forever grateful. My heart sends you endless unconditional love.” - Tulum, Mexico

'Kali's Yin Yoga teacher training has transformed my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the spiritual arts & healing.' - Palm Springs, California

“Kali’s exquisite language set the stage for revelations. Entering into the space, light music, deep embodiment of self, co-created by the participants that chose to receive the call to arrive and return safely home within. Kali welcomed both myself and the wandering mind of my 13 year old step daughter with love and precious care. An openness to allow both of us to come as we are. What a gift. To have the opportunity to share soulfully at this level. To practice, learn and grown together. To look back over my notes in the days that followed, tracing over a collective of fresh ideas, searching out new language, chasing and boldly walking forward into an on-going idea of destination, forever arriving. Always. Until next time, the new place and evolution in between.” -Baja Sur, Mexico

'Kali is full of knowledge and wisdom! Very well poised and versed  while carrying a soft and beautiful presence as a teacher.' -Tulum, Mexico

"You cannot miss an opportunity to train with Kali. She is an exceptional teacher. Yoga with Kali is transformative, inspiring and healing. She creates a safe, nurturing, encouraging environment for everyone from beginner to advanced. Kali is an insightful, intutitve, gentle and strong leader. Words are not enough to express how wonderful she is. She is a gift to the world. Do yourself a favor and study with her." - Big Sur, California

“Kali is a beautiful teacher, she is caring and wise. She blends a physical and spiritual practice together seamlessly, weaving inspiration and depth into all of her classes. She is both grounded and elevated and embodies her teachings. I highly recommend her.” -Topanga, California

"I am so incredibly grateful to do this work, to be aware, to have the opportunity to change my belief system and to clear so many of the dysfunctional patterns in my lineage and those which showed up in my marriage.  A mirror of what I needed to clear in myself so I can now stand whole in my own love and ready to embark on my biggest adventure yet! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, another example of the universe providing me with what I needed before I needed it.  Yin has been such an emotional safe haven for me to unravel these last parts of transformation and release." - Los Angeles, California

“Kali eloquently shares Mindfulness and Buddhism throughout her workshops. She is an amazing speaker and a truly awakened facilitator, inspiring with clarity and passion. Her trainings are well organized and full of helpful information.” -Baja Sur, Mexico

“Graceful Kali embodies Yin / Restorative qualities” -Los Angeles, California

“Kali’s program, her wisdom, knowledge, love, and articulation and ability to hold the room are phenomenal. Five star training that exceeds all expectation. Can’t wait for the next one”. -Manitou Springs, Colorado

“My expectations were undoubtedly met and I was nourished by the training from the inside out.  Kali has a way with words and I found myself entranced and delighted with the way she offered her unique and very wonderful sight of Yin yoga. Kali brought to our attention the integration of asanas, pranayama and meditation but also how we can dive more deeply into WHY we do this in yoga. Talking about the meridians and the importance of our Prana and chi and how we can move this powerful energy through our body in a more mindful and appropriate way. We learned this physical part of yin yoga but what I enjoyed most was the deep thoughtful meaning she brought to my own life and consciousness. “ -Salt Lake City, Utah

“I’ve received profound initiation into the art of Yin Yoga that I’m looking forward to apply both in my personal and my professional practices”- Manitou Springs, Colorado

"Kali has just a gift that I can tell has been nurtured with years and years of structure, guidance and strength through compassion with is truly remarkable. Her knowledge is astute and I am looking forward to the next training with her continue my journey I could not have asked for a more grounded teacher. I really like Kali’s guidance in accentuating the verbal language with breathe and on vowels. Very helpful technique that I personally I feel lucky was able to harness and hold space for others in the room. That part alone I found to be grounding." -Minneapolis, Minnesota