kali basman


kali basman

International and intentful Yin & Restorative Yoga teacher of teachers, Kali Basman, blends Buddhist mindfulness foundations with Anatomy, Physiology of the nervous system, and Chinese Medicine into a potent rejuvenative practice. She crafts innovative somatic sequencing to address root causes of stagnation in the body mind system and to coax Chi into particular healing pathways. 

Radiating with ritual, the integrated wisdom practice she offers is a tool to rise to your intrinsic baseline of tranquility, recall your innate ability for spaciousness, and remind your system of its unique anatomical, structural, and emotional wholeness.

Kali offers classes, teacher trainings, retreats and workshops around the globe. She is always happy and humbled to return to her home studio at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Los Angeles.

Kali pays reverent homage to the lineage of her primary teacher, Sarah Powers. As well her gratitude extends to an outer mandala of other major influencers she’s studied with on the path: Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron, Judith Hanson Lasater, Paul Grilley, Govind Das and more, contributing to her integration of Buddhist Philosophy & the Dharma, Yin & Restorative Yoga, & Bhakti Yoga.


Next Training

Healing Trauma: Pranic Physiology of Yin Yoga

a four day training immersion intensive highlighting trauma-informed neurophysiology and methods for resetting the nervous system

Mystic Journey, Venice California

October 24-27, 2019


Alignments & Specialities

Yin Yoga from the lineage of Sarah Powers & Paul Grilley

Restorative Yoga through the lineage of Judith Lasater

Teachings on the Dharma- Foundations of Buddhist Mindfulness

5 Elements & Chinese Yin Meridian System

Yoga for Trauma & Somatic Empowerment

“Kali is a rare jewel. Her teachings are a balm for the soul.”

"Kali is everything one can wish for in a teacher"

"You cannot miss an opportunity to train with Kali. She is an exceptional teacher. Yoga with Kali is transformative, inspiring and healing. She creates a safe, nurturing, encouraging environment for everyone from beginner to advanced. Kali is an insightful, intuitive, gentle and strong leader. Words are not enough to express how wonderful she is. She is a gift to the world. Do yourself a favor and study with her."

“Kali is the definition of wisdom. I feel held in such an intuitive deep space. Her teachings are enlightening and expanding. I feel this knowledge will stay with me forever”

“Eloquent and concise, Kali speaks of ancient wisdom”

“Kali is an ancient gentle soul that balances authority with softness so well. Her wisdom offers so much, yet she is approachable and has answers to everything.”

“Kali is the epitome of a highly evolved teacher”