Healing Trauma: Pranic Physiology of Yin Yoga

A Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

a four day training immersion intensive highlighting trauma-informed neurophysiology and methods for resetting the nervous system

October 24-27, 2019

Mystic Journey Crystals & Yoga

venice, Los Angeles, california

 Mindful Practices & Mapping the Energy Body through Meridians

Structural Restoration - the Nervous System & Neuroplasticity

Yin & Restorative Yoga Asana

Soundhealing to Soothe the Subtle Body 

This training intensive will focus on the facilitation of Yin & Restorative Yoga for trauma healing and psychological wellness. Using philosophical cornerstones of Buddhism and Chinese Medicine, we will investigate methods to rest in the immediacy of the moment and heal ourselves and our practitioners. 

As Yoga facilitators and practitioners, we must acknowledge every body comes with either recent or ancient wounds to their yoga mat. Integrating wisdom disciplines with the psychological understanding of the nervous system, musculo-skeletal response to stress, and longevity of connective tissue, we will provide a format for responding to the fluctuations of a life lived in awareness.

This course offers advanced anatomy, Yin & Yang Posture Clinics, Restorative Yoga Workshops, Meridian Theories: Earth Water Fire Metal Wood Elements, Soundhealing, Neuro-physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System, and Meditation methodology. 


"This training has transformed my perspective on how Yin can heal the physical by unlocking the energy flow of the meridians pathways, while creating space for a deeper spiritual connection." 

"Kali provides the keys to the kingdom linking body, mind and breathe with subtle nuances enriched with her deep understanding of the knowledge of Yin Yoga. From the way she utilizes her vocals to move you through a posture or her creative way of breaking down the meridian channels and elements I felt my thirst for the awareness and insight into the Yin practice quenched a new depth of understanding of my body as well as a deeper mindful expansion of boundless nature for practioners."

Topics Covered

Principles of Yin Yoga

 Anatomy & Physiology

Asana Labs/Posture Clinics


Traditional Chinese Medicine: Earth Water Fire Metal Wood Meridians

Breath & Lines of Energy

Fight or Flight Response

Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians & Organ health

 Mapping the Subtle Body

Noble Truths & the Eightfold Path

Yoga for Trauma Healing & PTSD

Methods of Mindfulness: Shamata & Vipassana 

Buddhist Principles, Philosophy, & Psychology

About The Facilitator


Kali Basman


International and intentful Yin & Restorative Yoga teacher of teachers, Kali Basman, offers an intermingling of wisdom disciplines: Foundations of Buddhist mindfulness, the pranic pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, physiology of the nervous system, and individual-informed anatomy. 

Leading yin and mindfulness focused trainings and retreats across the globe, Kali pays reverence to her lineage of teachers, Sarah Powers, Jack Kornfield, Judith Hanson Lasater and more.

“Kali is the definition of wisdom. I feel held in such an intuitive deep space. Her teachings are enlightening and expanding. I feel this knowledge will stay with me forever”

“Eloquent and concise, Kali speaks of ancient wisdom”


The Studio

Mystic Journey Crystals & Yoga – Venice, Los Angeles, California



Non-Residential, accommodation not included

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Schedule Outline - subject to change

Day 1- Art of Arrival

10/24 2-6pm

Arrival Dharma, Opening Circle

Principles of Yin & Introduction to Elements

Arrive & Center. What is Mindfulness. Trauma, Dukkha & Seated Posture. Shamatha

Arrival Yin Practice & Soundhealing

Day 2 - Earth Element

10/25 Yang & Mind 11am-2pm, Break 2-3pm, Yin 3-6pm

Yang morning practice, inquiry, diads, haiku [1hr]

Mindfulness Trauma Healing & cardinal points on the 8fold path. Shamatha [2hr]

Break for lunch [1hr]

Yin. Breath, Breathing Into, Lines of Energy. Spleen Meridian, Earth Element Posture Clinic, & Yin Practice, Soundhealing. [4hrs]

Day 3 - Water Element

10/26 Yang & Mind 11am-2pm, Break 2-3pm, Yin 3-6pm

Yang morning practice, inquiry, diads, haiku [1hr]

Mindfulness 4 Noble Truths & 4 beats of the mind, Vipassana [2hr]

Break for lunch [1hr]

Yin. Repair Response, Advanced principles of Yin, Chi. Function of Psoas. Restorative Yoga. Kidney Meridian, Water Element Posture Clinic, Yin Practice, Soundhealing. [4hrs]

Day 4 - Fire Element

10/27 Yang & Mind 11am-1pm, Break 1-2pm, Yin 2-3:30pm

Yang morning practice, inquiry, diads, haiku [1hr]

Mindfulness Karma & the 3 Excellences of Practice, Craving & Aversion, Vipassana [1hr]

Break for lunch [1hr]

Yin. Heart Meridian & Fire Element, Yin Practice [4hrs]


Questions? Contact here or email Kali.Basman@gmail.com.

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