We can widen the soles and soften the knees, our first gateways of earth energy into the thighs and pelvic floor- our home of fertility and rootedness and identity. If the ground beneath you is coarse you extend the tail to soften the femurs into their true home, deep in the hip socket, and allow the Psoas to release. The Psoas is the only muscle in our body which connects the bottom to the top and the front to the back. For this reason, and I suppose for many others, it has been called the Spirit Muscle. Thus the whole lower half of the body softens, opening to a funneling of energy from the elegant arch of the heels all the way behind the sacrum, unwinding like kite tails that stream and cross each other as they reach the nexus of energy that is base of spine. Then fingers of fascia ask for space, allow the top of the body to release, the diaphragm has more room to breathe you, it's only desire to spread and wing. The shoulder girdle stops trying to breathe for you and instead descends. The heart yawns awake. The floating ribs gasp delight and you widen even from the nipple line. You breathe out all the way to the pinkies.