kali basman


kali basman


August 10-12, Steamboat Movement Festival, steamboat springs, Colorado

Yin Yoga of Equanimity: A Water Element Journey

We are born with a finite amount of Kidney Chi and these deeper reserves of vitality and adaptation may be nourished and supported through a restorative textured Yin practice honoring the Water Element. Lengthen and lubricate the Kidney Channel - the water element meridian which runs along the front and back of spine, groin, and inner leg line to cultivate the resources for equanimity and mindfulness.


August 18-October 15, AZIAM 200-hr Yoga Teacher training, santa monica, california

Join Alanna Zabel, Diane Magnette, Kishan Shah, and Kali Basman for AZIAM's 8-week, 200 hour Teacher Training Yoga program to establish a foundation in yoga that will advance your practice, deepen your understanding of yoga and it’s history, build your confidence, while helping you connect with your true self and purpose – whether that includes becoming a teacher or not.

200-hr AZIAM Yoga Teacher Training: Aug 18-Oct 15  ||  Fridays 6:00pm-9:30pm, Saturdays 10:30am-7:00pm, Sundays 12-5:30pm


March 26-31 2018, 5 ELements Yin Yoga teacher training, Tulum, MExico


Summer of 2017 in Peru:

Kali Basman lead a 7 day Immersion Teacher Training in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Read more... 

Enjoy a 5 Day Yoga Retreat at KiCHIC Boutique Hotel in Mancora, Peru... as featured in Forbes magazine as “South America’s Next Great Beach Vacation”. Read more....


SUMMER of 2017 in the USA

Featured Guest Yoga Teacher: Joshua Tree Women's Climbing Festival

April 29-30th | Joshua Tree, California


Featured Guest Yoga Instructor: Portal to the New earth

May 5-8 2017 | Joshua Tree, California

5 Elements Yoga, class description: This session will focus on lubrication of connective tissue, alignment of the energetic and anatomic structures, and the deep pooling of Chi. We will weave in Chinese medicine and the 5 elements to coax Prana into particular pathways.


Guest Speaker: South Bay Yoga Conference

October 2017, Details TBD


kali basman


kali basman