5 Elements Yin yoga teacher training  

Beachfront Accommodation & Farm to Table Detox        

March 26-31, 2018



Ayurvedic Detox yoga retreat                      

July 1-5, 2018



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past excursions




5 elements yin yoga teacher training

June 20-27, 2017

Cusco, PERu


Testimonial from past training:

"I found the definition of Equanimity and the Yin Philosophy to be in perfect alignment. As I have learned Yin asks the body to gently hold in a pose for an elongated amount of time so that there is a path carved for the mind and body to find equanimity; therefore bringing deeper awareness, unlocking the body's meridians and thus igniting the mind, body, spirit connection for a transformational and empowered healing process!"

Understanding each element is key to truly understanding Yin Yoga and I feel each module brought to life each element. The exercise to connect in with the element that spoke to us was what brought it all together for me!

Having never taught a yoga class before, I found Yin TT with Kali and Kylie to really help me find my authentic voice as a yoga teacher. Every part of the training was designed to help each of us find our voice and find the confidence to use them. By the end of the training, we were all roaring with confidence - including me! I am looking forward to teaching my first class soon with my own, newly found, authentic voice!”